Sunday, July 13, 2008

2008 July 13 - Sandy Robinson Ride

2008 July 13 - Sandy Robinson Ride

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Photos by Sandy Robinson

Sunday morning {6:00 AM} picture as we get ready for today's Ride:
Breakfast in Isleton at the Rivers Edge Café

Our guest of honor, Sandy shows up. {photo by Sherm A.}

Sandy had French Toast with Honey Ham

Gathering in the parking lot at the Jelly Belly Factory. Don "VSP" talking to a new member from Elk Grove, Barry Gorman VROC #26707 and his friend from Sacramento. Both are Vulcan owners.

Bikes lined up under the Jelly Belly sign.
{this photo by Sherm}

Off we go on Pleasant Valley Road. This is a nice easy road that is used by a lot of bicyclists.

Along Hwy 128. Sandy took this one over her shoulder.

The Corners {Moskowite Corners} nothing is open. So we take a short break and head up the road to Turtle Rock.
Turtle Rock. {photo by Sherm A.}

The inside of the store at Turtle Rock. A bunch of signed dollar bills on the ceiling.

The more popular portion of Knoxville-Berryessa Road.

Lake Berryessa.

Here are some cows along the one lane portion of K-B Road. Sandy shortly will quit taking pictures as the road surface becomes extremely rough. She was not pleased with my choice of this one lane section of rough road.

The entrance to a closed Homestake gold mine. Where we recover from the ride over Knoxville-Berryessa Road.
We have a gas stop and rest break in Lower Lake. Then we decide to "free for all" along Hwy 29 to Buster's. Hwy 29 is too busy and passing opportunities too few to go as one big group. Sherm and Jim S. engaged in their "drag race" along the way.

{Buster's photos by Sherm A.}

We make it to Buster's Southern BBQ in Calistoga. Skid, Sandy, David J and Sherm's brother-in-law, Richard.

Happy Wanderer, Jim S with a mouthful and Cat.
After lunch we split off as everyone is going a different direction. I lead a pack of five bikes along Silverado Trail to Hwy 12 to I-80.

If you click on the View Larger Map it will become an interactive Google Map and you can zoom in or even use Street View for a Virtual Ride.

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Almost home. This is on I-5 about 3 miles from home. Note the "great" condition of I-5 through Stockton.

The riders:
Skid and Sandy Robinson
Sherm Acord
Jim S
David J
Barry G
Mike, A New Vulcan Owner from Sacramento
Happy Wanderer
Nite Lite
Don "VSP"

Uwe and Rad drove and met us at Buster's for lunch. As did Sherm's relatives from Hidden Valley, CA.


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