Sunday, June 1, 2008

2008 May 31 - Skaggs Springs Road

2008 May 31 - Skaggs Springs Road

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We meet up at the McDonald's on Lakeville Street in Petaluma.

Sherm's Burgman with his brand new Corbin seat. Just built the day before.

Bob the Builder from Geyersville and Roy C. from Castro Valley.
Nite Lite makes breakfast. He says the cane is just for "looks".

Cranky and Nite Lite Jr aka Brian S.

Jazzhound has a couple of Harley rider friends with him for the Ride.

Sherm taking pictures and Rad

Jazzhound and Uwe

More BS

We get a late start not getting out of the parking lot until about 10:50 AM. Head out to the Coast via Valley Ford Road.
Leaving Petaluma

Valley Ford Road before joining up to Hwy 1

Lucas Wharf at Bodega Bay on the left

Entering Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay

Our first rest break at Jenner at the Jenner Country Store. Also this is for the small gas tanks to top off their tanks.

David J, Cranky, Sherm, Uwe and Rad

Our Ride Leader, Josh on the far right

"VSP" {with a cigarette in his mouth} sits on Sherm's Burgman

Uwe and Rad

The ride never really made it to Healdsburg. The following happened between Jenner and Lake Sonoma.

Here is Rad's description of the main events {written June 1st, the NEXT day}:

This is Rad reporting in 'cause it hurts Uwe to type (and he's on his way to work). Together we managed to ruin the barbeque, but are thankful that no human was seriously hurt. We also thank everyone for their gracious help and patience.

My spill was a bad choice: instead of pushing a little more, I chose to bail off the side of a curve. I didn't realize the damage it would cause the bike, tho' both it and I were still quite capable of continuing. We taped a turn signal, strapped a broken bag to Uwe's bike, and dusted off my otherwise spotless gear and off again.

Uwe's spill is in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat click here to read

His age is exaggerated but the damage is not. He was rounding a curve too far outside, hit gravel, and couldn't correct in the split second left before the rocks. I was in front of him and saw him fly up into the air and disappear.

Uwe has a separated shoulder (a swollen lump between his neck and arm). No broken anything. No tears in the gear. It also seems like no poison ivy/oak either. He's so sad about messing up that beautiful bike and ... well, he'll add info... tomorrow probably.

-- Rad

I did not take any photos of either incident.
Sherm has some photos of Rad's mishap in his Blog at:
Sherm's Corbin Blog
Cranky has some photos of Uwe's in his Blog at:
Cranky's Skaggs Springs Road Report

David J is a retired Deputy Sheriff and made a good 911 phone call {we were lucky to have cell phone service}. Josh is a trained First Responder and went down to check out Uwe. The rest of us provided moral support and a few of the younger ones went dwon the slope to do what they could.

The Geyersville Fire Department responded with a couple of trucks and man power. They managed to place Uwe on a "board" and get him up to the ambulance. When I got home last night I called Uwe's cell phone and Rad answered saying that their son was at the Santa Rosa Hospital to take them home. And that Uwe's main injury was a separated shoulder.
{My goodness he went to work the next day!!!!!!!}

And a little humor to end the Blog.

Sherm drying out his underwear