Sunday, October 19, 2008

2008 October 19 - Market Club Brunch and River Ride

2008 October 19 - Market Club Brunch and River Ride

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Today is a Sunday and we are to meet at the Market Club restaurant in Sacramento for a very late breakfast. After eating we are to ride South River Road down to Rio Vista. Last year we ran into the Bass Derby Parade in Rio Vista and could not get across town without help from a local resident. This year we are riding one week after the Bass Derby.

Cranky is the first to arrive after his 133 mile ride form San Jose. He found the Sacramento Produce Market easily enough, but had to ride around the circle to locate the Market Club.

Pdub is the last to arrive since he lives but 5 miles away.

Here are the daily lunch specials {note also that Spam and eggs are a breakfast special}

The six of us on five bikes get seated at our table. While waiting to order I bother some other patrons by photographing their food. :-)

Hamburger and onions over rice
Homemade corn beef hash and fried rice with eggs
Now it is time for us to order. David J, Cranky, Yvonne, Pdub, Phil T {hidden}
After ordering my corn beef hash and fried rice with two eggs over easy. I bother more patrons. :-)
A true Oriental, wienies and eggs with an old fashion waffle, while making a phone call
This is a half order of Hamburger Royale over rice with some pickled horse radishes

Our food arrives and both David J and Phil T have ordered a ham and cheese omelette with fried rice and toast instead of hash browns
Yvonne and Pdub have decided to share one order.
Pork cutlet with eggs and hash browns
Getting ready to eat
Now Cranky decides to have lunch, but his stomach is shrinking. Here are the before and after photos of Cranky's meal. :-)
Cranky's hamburger steak with fried onions, scrambled eggs and hash browns
This is what is left of Cranky's order after he has finished eating
AND the bill for the five orders with coffees came to $43.91. I collected $53 to include a decent tip.

This is what all the other plates looked like. :-)
Valdez has phoned Cranky as we finish eating. He has been on a PGR Mission and he and wife Patti and Greg will meet up with us a few miles into our Ride.

After about a half hours rest to digest the food we head over to the west side of the Sacramento River to start our Ride.

Here we are on South River Road

Just south of the village of Freeport Hwy 160 crosses over a bridge and merges with South River Road. This is where we meet up with Valdez and Greg.

One of the many marinas along the Sacramento River

A rest break in Clarksburg
Greg {on his first VROC Ride}, Patti and Valdez {bending over}
A couple of boats cruising down the river
We are riding a river levee road. The land on our right is at least ten feet LOWER than the river level
We move off the river roads and head over to Hwy 84 which runs from Rio Vista to West Sacramento. David J has to leave the ride when we reach Hwy 84 so he heads north as we continue south. But Hwy 84 eventually gets onto Ryer Island where we again are on a levee road. Hwy 84 has the McCoy river ferry to get us across the Sacramento River four miles north of Rio Vista.

Waiting for the ferry {photo by Cranky}

Here is Cranky getting ready to take a pic from the ferry
Riding the ferry {photo by Cranky}

We make it across Rio Vista rather easily this year since we missed the Bass Derby Parade.
Oct 2006 VROC Ride
We ride Montezuma Hills Road which takes us through a bunch of electric power generating wind mills.

Then we head back to Rio Vista for the end of the Ride. Valdez and crew have not eaten so they are having a late lunch in Rio Vista. Pdub wants a chocolate dipped frostie ice cream cone from Gemma T's Drive Inn.

The weather has been in the mid 70's and the winds calm. The ride pace has been moderate since the breakfast folks had full stomachs. :-)

Gassing up at a Chevron
Gemma T's where Cranky bids us all adieu
Two of my bikes are on this ride as Pdub has sold his Triumph and is borrowing my Legend until he buys his new bike. Actually he was using my 1999 BMW F650 dual sport. But I met Pdub last Sunday at the River's Edge Café in Isleton to swap bikes. Cranky picked up the F650 with his daughter on Monday. Cranky rode it back to San Jose, since his daughter although having an M1 {motorcycle endorsement} had not ridden much in the 3 or 4 years since she passed the MSF Course.
Valdez, Patti and Greg decide to try Maria's which is right next to Gemma T's.
Cerveza, chips and salsa
Verde {pork} enchiladas
Carne Asada tacos
Pdub and Phil T head back to Sacramento. Valdez and company are stopping at a couple of wineries on their way home to Sacramento. And I head east on Hwy 12 in very, very heavy trafic back to Stockton.

Todays Riders:
Don VSP I.
David J.
Phil T.
Bill Cranky S.
Pdub and Yvonne
Valdez and Patti

If you click on the View Larger Map it will become an interactive Google Map and you can zoom in or even use Street View for a Virtual Ride.

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