Saturday, July 12, 2008

2008 July 12 - Jest Kaw Pasture

2008 July 12 - Jest's Kaw Pasture

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Jest had another Kaw Pasture. Pizza and pies for dessert. Some swimming and BSing.

Skid, Sandy, Cranky and K. C.

Skid, Sandy, and Colleen

Lauren, Jest and Colleen's daughter.

Jest ordering Pizza

No Comment!!!!

Red Beard.

Cranky, pigging out!!!!!!

Steelman and Son

Oh my gawd!!!!!!

Water wings ??????

Uwe and Rad.

Lauren watching two beached whales.

The Blues Brother's ?????????????

Uwe just bought a BMW R1200C to replace the Nomad that went over the side of the road on
the May 31, 2008 Ride.

Pumpkin, Banana Cream and Fresh Peach Pies for Dessert.

Eating dessert.


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